Office-Based Therapies

Wahls Protocol and Lifestyle Coaching

Dr. Terry Wahls was diagnosed with MS in 2000 and was in a wheelchair trying to continue to work and provide for her family while experiencing severe brain fog and lack of energy. In 2007, she changed her diet and lifestyle activities and within nine months, was no longer in a wheelchair, had improved mental clarity and a zest for life again.

Jean was so taken by her story, that she trained with Dr. Wahls and now coaches clients through the application of diet, nutrition, and lifestyle changes to reduce current symptoms of the disease and promote a return to wellness and improved ability to function throughout a regular day.

Jean uses principles and guidelines as taught by Dr. Terry Wahls to support and nourish the nervous system and the mitochondria within the cells, so that the body has an increased opportunity to heal, repair, and restore itself.

This diet has been effective for many people I know who have a variety of neurological diseases or immune system compromise, and anyone who has trouble with their nervous system and has mitochondria within their cells.

"I wish had known about this when my mother had Parkinson's disease, as I truly believe, this would have been a game-changer for her health, daily ability to function and enjoy her life for many more years."

Jean is also trained in functional nutrition and anti-aging methods to help bring your body to a greater experience of health and wellness. We may incorporate principles of various diet protocols (ketogenic, paleo, FODMAP, anti-inflammatory, etc) along with intermittent fasting principles and more, based on your desires and needs.

CranioSacral Therapy (CST)

This is a light touch technique used all over the body to influence and support the nervous system and other tissues to release tension, improve blood flow, while resetting the nervous system and body to promote rest, digestion, healing, repair, and restoration.

This treatment is highly effective for many after head trauma, car accidents, multiple traumas, chronic pain, toxic mold, and Lymes disease, neurological conditions (Parkinson's disease, MS, brain fog, minor memory issues, etc), TMJ, headaches, migraines, chronic illness, fear-based thinking and more.

Lymphatic Drainage

For breast health: improve the circulation and detox pathways of the breast to normalize the lymphatics and texture of breast tissues when diagnosed with fibrocystic breasts, or after any breast surgery.

For General health and lymphedema: improve the lymphatic flow of the entire body to promote the efficiency of the lymphatic system, reduce edema, promote deep relaxation of the nervous system, improve detox pathways of the body, and restore/promote tissue-fluid balance.

Jean will also instruct you in multiple ways to stimulate your own lymphatic system when you are at home. Then you can continue to carry out self-treatment techniques to maintain and preserve the health and efficiency of your own lymphatic system.  

Myofascial Realease (MFR)

I often accompany myofascial work with the use of hot stones and suction cups. The hot stones help relax the superficial tissues, so I can work deeper in the muscles/fascial planes with less tension.

Using the suction cups allows for lengthening of fascial tissue in a different direction and bringing more circulation to the tissues. 

This is a highly effective treatment to reduce stress and tension to neck and back, recurrent headaches due to stress, back pain due to overuse or chronic pain, or for general maintenance of overall physical well being.

This treatment is deeply relaxing and restoring, mentally and physically.

Visceral Manipulation

Did you know that abdominal and pelvic scarring occurs 50-100% of the time following any surgery to abdomen or pelvis.  This manual technique can help release restrictions within the fascia/tendons/ligaments/muscles/scar tissues/organs and promote optimal function of that area.  Visceral manipulation is performed primarily to the organs of the abdomen, pelvis and chest, but can be applied to tissues throughout the body. 

This treatment is highly effective if you have abdominal cramping, bloating, gas, incontinence, sluggish digestion or constipation following abdominal or pelvic surgery, this treatment may be for you.  

Deep Dry Needling (DDN)

This treatment uses acupuncture needles superficially or deep into the muscles or other supportive tissues to reduce pain, reduce muscle tension, stimulate muscle activation, and retrain muscle recruitment patterns for improved mobility and client comfort.  This treatment works well for chronic or acute pain and tension, especially in the neck and shoulders, low back, buttocks, hip and thighs. 

 This treatment is highly effective to help treat Headaches, neck and shoulder tension or pain, low back pain and trigger points throughout the body.

Personally Designed Exercise Program

I use the knowledge I’ve gained over 30 years as a physical therapist, to design an exercise program specifically for the individual to help restore function, reduce pain, and return to one’s desired state of wellness.   I have a wide and unique knowledge of exercises and principles that improve function quickly.   Clients are able to move at their pace and level of compliance to improve their function and reduce their pain with continued guidance or a one time treatment.  

Clients usually seek me out for this when they have shoulder impingement, rotator cuff pain, low back pain, neck pain and headaches, knee and foot pain and more.  

Total Motion Release

This technique removes pain by 50% or greater in 70-80% of my clients with pain, regardless of location of pain in the body.  This is a technique that uses various movement patterns to reduce/eliminate pain, release deep lines of tension throughout the body and retrain muscle recruitment patterns.  Once we have identified the primary movements for the client, the client can then perform two  simple exercises to eliminate their pain and improve function independently in less than five minutes.

This treatment is highly effective for plantar fasciitis or other foot pain, low back pain, sacral or tail bone pain, shoulder pain and so much more.

CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, and Lymphatic drainage are my most popular treatments.

I work with many patients with multiple diseases and chronic pain patterns and a combination of these treatments are helpful in bringing the client into a state of deep relaxation that they haven’t known in months to years.

When then body is calm and quiet, it is in this state that the body uses it’s innate abilities to heal, repair, and restore the systems and tissues of the body.   We work together to find techniques the client can continue to access at home to further their return to this state of calm, rest and digest, known as parasympathetic norm.  

If you are ready to transform your health, contact me now so we can begin your return to wellness.  

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