Watsu Therapy

What is Watsu Therapy?

An incredible treatment in warm water where one is supported by floats and me. You will be folded, stretched, twisted, twirled, and cradled, allowing you to release stress, tension, and pain and go within yourself to a depth one rarely experiences.

This brings one to a state of inner peace and tranquility that allows for instant healing.

This is the most beautiful work I have ever experienced and love sharing it with others!  For when I take you to that space, I am halfway there myself. In southeast Missouri, we meet at a private heated pool or can use your own heated pool (as long as the temperature of the water can get to 94-96 degrees).   We can treat one or two people during a one hour or two-hour session. 

In the water, people can be moved three-dimension-ally without great force from me.  Most enter into a relaxed space where time, place, and awareness melt away, tranquility arises and inner exploration allows for the release of trauma, stress, pain, and stored tension.

The work focuses on "letting go" of all worry, concerns, stress, trauma, etc., and experiencing a deep inner connection to peacefulness.  It is as if time has stopped and your body is floating through space, while being immersed in completeness.

When working as an aquatic Physical Therapist, I used just five to ten minutes of watsu at the end of the exercise session to alleviate pain (sudden onset or chronic), fibromyalgia symptoms, arthritis, multi-dimensional trauma such as a rollover car accident, traumatic falls, emotional and physical trauma, disabilities following a stroke or head injury, after surgery of all kinds, pregnancy, etc.

Most people report no pain afterwards, a deep sense of inner peace and stillness, a great sense of nurturing and love (in a non-sexual way), and healed emotionally and physically.

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