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I have been a Physical Therapist since 1989 and continually look for treatments and products that can ...

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Watsu Therapy - In Water

An incredible treatment in warm water where one is supported by floats and myself while being...

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Office-Based Therapies

I work with many patients with multiple diseases and chronic pain patterns and a combination of these treatments...

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My passion is all about whatever helps the body to heal, repair and restore itself.  I believe the body can heal anything when given the resources and opportunity to do so.  I chose to become a physical therapist over 30 years ago because I desired to teach patients tools to help heal themselves.  Since then, I have continued to search for modalities of all kinds that create a healing opportunity for the body.   In that search I have learned about various types of massage and bodywork, energy work, nutritional supplements and nutrition, structural positioning and release, muscular retraining of recruitment patterns, iridology and so much more.  My ultimate goal is to help the client find a peaceful, healing balance within their own body and teach them how to obtain the same on their own.  

Working with people in an office or on a table is sometimes not enough, especially when releasing trauma from tissues.  It can be difficult to put a person in a position that allows the body to unwind while staying completely relaxed. Then I found Watsu.  Warm water combined with deep relaxation and support can assist the body with three dimensional movement to release physical, mental and emotional trauma and more. 

In my office, I offer a multitude of services and bodywork. From light touch to deep tissue, touch combined with intention, visualization and focus facilitates the release of tension within the body from the surface to the core, the skin to the nervous system, which guides and directs the work for each session.

For people looking for a private coach to guide them into personal wellness, I offer coaching in how to incorporate exercise, whole food nutrition, water, stress reduction, self-talk, and self-treatments. 

“Jean is amazing and the benefits you will receive by being with her are indescribable. It truly is something to be experienced no matter what you have going on or what you think you may want to see her for.
She specializes in so many unique areas, and her ability to tune in and know what you need in that moment is extremely difficult to put in words.
I’d recommend Watsu and Wellness to anyone considering it, every single time. Thank you, Jean!"
~Kristen N A.K.
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